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Are you feeling stuck?

This month I am changing up my blog post. I would like to offer you a video version of my blog - "vlogging."

I recently signed up for an online group to learn how to make videos. I was reluctant at first because I had no experience with video recording, but I took the leap anyway. You know - feel the fear and do it anyway!

The first video recording was anxiety provoking, but fortunately I was supported by a great group of people who were also feeling the same way. I actually came to enjoy posting videos in the group and watching others do the same.

So here is what I've learned so far in the video recording world. I am definitely an amateur, but thought it would be nice to change things up from a written blog to a vlog!

In this video, I talk about feeling stuck. I'm sure you can relate to this feeling. I know I sure could at certain times in my life. We don't have to stay stuck. It can be a temporary place.

I'd love to get your feedback - do you prefer the written blog or the vlog? Do you have any topics or questions you'd like me to address? I'd love to hear about it. I want this blog/vlog to be about you and what you want to hear. Please comment below the blog or on Facebook where it will also be posted on my Facebook page.

2 surprisingly easy ways to get unstuck

"Movement in our bodies creates movement in our lives"

- Kris Carr

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Beth Matthews is a Registered Psychologist who is driven to help people feel better about themselves. She can help you if you are struggling in your life. You can learn easy-to-use strategies to help you cope with anything that comes your way.


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