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"I really like the fact that you gave me my space and allowed me to open up to you slowly because that meant a lot to me."

"Your service really helped me alot. You were so patient and understanding. I was able to open up to you and feel more comfortable."

"The more I came to see you, the more I felt comfortable and at ease. I remember the first time that I couldn't stop crying when I was there because I felt it was alright to cry because you made me feel it was alright to let it all out."


"Thank you so much for everything Beth and for following up with me. You are a kind person and I know you will have a great impact on a lot of people's lives."

"I would absolutely recommend your service to someone else who is going through an issue whatever that may be because you are passionate about your work and you understand what the person is going through. You have a way of touching/changing someone's life. You absolutely gave me an inspiration and I am grateful for it."

Thank you

"I felt welcomed. You let me speak (about) how I was feeling. You made the environment safe for me to share my feelings. You respected me as an individual. My biggest fear was being judged for who I am and not being understood...No, it did not come true."

"Sharing your personal career journey gave me hope that I can become anything I want to."

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